Hero Group is well aware of the fact that performance of the highest degree can be achieved only if employees feel empowered and appreciated. The Group believes that the quality of its products can not be separated from the quality of lives of the employees working at the Group. That is why Hero Group gives top priority to the working environment & welfare of the workforce. Manufacturing facilities are designed keeping employees’ needs in mind. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are equipped with environment-friendly technology that poses no threat to the health of employees as well as surroundings. Special measures like noise damping and planting trees in the premises of the plants make the environment more pleasurable. In addition, the Hero Group employees benefit from an all-embracing range of education and welfare programs.

Growth Prospective

Hero Group has established itself as a driving force in the industrial sector of India. The Group through its subsidiaries and joint ventures employs more than 30,000 employees and has established a worldwide presence with more than 20 companies and around 7,500 outlets. For employees, the Group has always remained a trusted mentor to offer long term, gratifying and a satisfying work environment. The Group expects its human resources to be seen by customers as affable in their approach and professional in their practice. Talent always gets a warm welcome at the Group.